Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Mini egg eyeshadow

I was beyond excited to recieve this palette for Christmas but for some reason I didn't really get round to using it until now, that the mini eggs are out, and that reminded me of it as it smells identical to that! I keep on opening and closing the palette just to get unearth that beautifully rich and sweet scent once more!

As you can see, the packaging is also chocolate themed, so you can decide for yourself if you like it or not, I personally think it's fun and cute, but either way the metal casing and magnetic closure keep the precious shadows safe and secure. It is also relatively slim and the large mirror make it a great option for travelling with.

So that's all well and good, but what about the shadows inside! On the whole the texture of these eyeshadows are amazing - the shimmers transfer well, the mattes are creamy and they're all  relatively well pigmented, however I have to say they don't quite beat Urban Decay for me, but even so they're to an ah-mazing standard!
I was very excited for "Candied Violet" but I feel like it can look a little more like a peculiar silver than purple but it is made up for by my favourite shades: Cherry Cordial (a gorgeous burgundy purple that is matte with some shimmer), Blackforest Truffle (a glittery dark brown which is sort of purple), Amaretto (a burnt shimmery marroon) and my all time favourite Marzipan (a stunning light rose gold).

Along with the fun purple and khaki tones, it has a lot of core shades such a Semisweet, Milk Chocolate and Salted Caramel which give you warm or cool toned crease options for any neutral look. Another thoughtful aspect is that the two typical base colours White Chocolate and Champange Truffle are much larger as they are the ones that always hit pan first - Too Faced, you know your stuff! 
(random shadows swatched lightly and without primer to give you an idea of the quality) 

All in all, this is a palette that I think is most definitely worth the hype and with a good primer they are on par with Urban Decay quality, so if you only got one palette, this could be a good choice due to the variety and blendabiltiy - as they say.. just like butter.. or melted chocolate?!

Thursday, 14 January 2016

Sterotypical but genuine update...

Let's cut straight to it. I clearly had a hiatus from blogging. I'm sorry for not giving warning, but I didn't expect too - life just got too busy and I lost motivation, and once I stop, I find it hard to get back into it again. However, this post is not for you to accompany me in wallowing in guilt but instead to be happy as I say I'm back, and ready to get back on track.

My ratings are almost as low as the first tragic (out of curiosity please comment if you've been around here for a long time because I salute you for tolerating me for so long!!) few months of starting my blog, but that's not what it's all about and I'm highly grateful and shocked that anyone even bothered checking to see if there was any content while I was away!

Maths GCSE is done which was stressful but know I see how much work they take and I Controlled Assessments and all the rest only to come but know I'm aware that I'll need to actively make time for my blog as it's something I enjoy. I'm not going to set days just yet til I re-figure out what will suit me, but just know I'm going to try to be posting 2-3 times a week.. just generally more regularly as I miss summer when I posted a lot and interacted with a whole lot more other bloggers!

Pointless post over and potentially exciting posts on the way!

Have you ever taken a break from blogging? If so, any advice on getting back in would be truly appreciated because I'm sure you probably hated it as much as me!

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Tis the season to be gifting...//SBP Let It Snow

Gift guides seem to be everywhere at the minute - ones for boyfriends, babies, best friends and everyone in between! It must be said that beauty ones are out in full fling, but I decided to post another for you all any way as I had some ideas I hadn't seen anyone do so far! I also relate to how amazing it would be to treat all the lovely ladies in your life to a Naked palette, diptyque candle and Jo Malone fragrance like some youtubers can, but as much as we wish not all of us have the money jars filled enough for this which is why I tried to make one ranging from around the £5-30 price point basically full of things I, and many others in your life, I believe would be thrilled to recieve.

Things to note before we begin are that:
-3 for 2 on stocking fillers including the youtubery bits at Feel Unique and £10 after £60 at time of upload 
-Body Shop = 40% when you buy two items - so so helpful!
-Debenhams has 15% off makeup and skincare which is useful for Benefit sets and even Too Faced
-3 for 2 on Soap and Glory at Boots.. though when isn't this offer on?! Not complaining though...

At the lower end of the price scale, I've started with the  Maybelline Christmas Set which includes Sugar Cookie, Candy Apple and Hot Cocoa flavoured lip balms - how dreamy! I did see this in Tesco before but the only link I could find was for a website I've never heard of so you can judge for yourself if you're comfortable ordering! Tesco also have an amazing 20 pounds set with all the originals, electrons and doctor rescues, a £4.50 dr rescue trio or a babyskin and babylips duo, all in adorable packaging and something I've love to find popped in my stocking!

Some other affordable gift ideas are just the usual Lush bath bombs or this Soap and Glory wonderhand set which contains 3 50ml of their infamous hand foods (original, sugar crush and find-no-where-else-smoothie-star-scented ones). 

How could I not mention a few youtuber gifts? I absoloutely adore this Fleur de Force Rose Beauty Bundle which contains one of her eyeshadow quads, a set of lashes and a stunning lipgloss in one of her magestic (literally those clouds and stars though..) makeup bags. £30 worth of amazing products or £16.. yes please!

A few other "team internet" stocking stuffers are the Tanya Burr Candy Cane Nail Polish, Nail File and Lip Gloss set which is housed in an adorable gingerbread home, Tanya's cheek palette in Rosy Glow and the Zoella handcream - another "Wonderhand"!

Sometimes in the rush that we call life we don't like to spend time and money on caring for oursleves so why not buy your loved one a sumptiously scented set that forces them to have a well deserved pamper! My favourite scent is the Glazed Apple set that is exclusive to Christmas time, and I spotted this feel good tin in that scent, but of course many others as well, which contains the shimmer lotion, body butter, shower gel and body scrb all for £17. If you have room to really spoil someone, after all they deserve it, these "premium selection" sets which as you can see in the picture come with an amazing range of products for £28!

Also for the body care enthusiasts out there, Soap and Glory has a fabuolous Soaper Star kit which I purchased for a friend last year and it seemed to go down well! I too would be thrilled to find this tucked under the tree as it is jam packed with their  full sized classics and generous minis so definitely one to watch at a mere £20 for it all! 

Lush of course do it right as always with a variety of gift sets ranging from £10 to almost £200 but have a scroll through (obviously price low to high pft let's be toally honest) and see what tickles your/what you think would tickle the recipient's fancy! The one I've shown as an example is the stardust set that looks out of this world. Get it? No? Stars are in our galaxy are they? My primary school astronmy club obviously taught me well..

Starting to step up the price, I have this totally drool worthy 4 mini melted kisses gift set but since creating this collage I've noticed they have some other equally amazing sets, some extremely bargainous for what you get, so definitely have a nosey on their website! Benefit also do some lovely high end sets worth the money such as example A and B !

All of these are items I would love to find tucked under the tree, and last but not least I have actually asked for this Ariana Grande Perfume Set this year as I smelt it in store and it is glorious. It comes with a 50ml bottle, a 5ml mini and a fluffy key ring.  I must be totally honest and say it smells a little bit like the first one direction perfume so at first I was just like aw just another overpriced cheap quality celebrity perfume, but when I sprayed it... Holy moly! It smelt more like Armani Si or Elle Saab than a Cheryl Cole Spritz!! 

That's it for my collection of things that I think would make great gifts this year? Are you a little bit last minute or have you got all your gifts sorted? If you have, let me know what you've bought people or what you're planning on purchasing. Otherwise I hope this gave you a few little ideas!

Until next time..
Rebekka x 

Friday, 27 November 2015

Let It Snow// Secret Blogger Project Announcement

I don't think words can express how happy I am to be bringing you this post today. Not only because of my absence around here due to mock exams, but because today I'll be hsaring with you SBP girls the posts for the Christmas period which can be posted from, well, now I guess until January!

1:Tis the season to get gifting
Gift guides are ever helpful for the stacks of Secret Santas I seem to be involved in so if you want to give us some present ideas through a pretty collage or even a series of guides categorized for each lovely person in your life, that would be just fab, but if you've already planned those or you're just not feeling it, you could also get this one up at the end of December with a classic "What I Got for Christmas" or right this minute with a "What's on My Christmas Wishlist" = some of my favourite festive posts to read!

2:Crafty for Christmas
Christmas cookies and gingerbread cupcakes, a secret homemade candy cane hot chocolate or a gorgeous DIY decoration - this may be a struggle for some of us to produce something worth taking a photo of if you're anything like me, but if you find the time we'd love you to try something new and  show us something cute to make or bake this Christmas- you might be surprised at how much fun you have!

3: Festive GRWM
With Christmas parties and family occasions piling up like a snowstorm at this time of year we thought it'd be fun for us and our readers to share a little bit of the getting ready process. It was just going to be evening makeup (you know the classic Christmas red lip and eyes with as much glitter as you can find?) but we've broadened  it out a bit so that you can just do hair or outfit ideas, or all 3!

4: Deck the halls
How do you decorate for the season? Traditional. simplistic, rose gold and copper galore? We want to know. And of course see pictures!!

Hopefully you all enjoy the ideas Emily, Charlotte and I have come up with and if anyone would like to join this fun little bloggers project don't hesitate to send me an email ! Our kik chat (which is top banter I must say..did I really say that?..ok lets go with it!) would love to have you!

Sunday, 8 November 2015

A few of my favourite blogs #2

Hey everyone! If you haven't seen, I did a post before sharing the blogger love by showing you a handful of my favourite bloggers, which you all seemed to like, and I enjoy doing, so what other reason do I need to do another one today!

The first thing that will strike you about Becca's blog is the stunning white design with the sliding photos at the top, a sleek drop down menu, pretty light grey font and a lovely dainty header. Once you get over the initial beauty of the site, you can uncover the beautiful photographs and amazing content. Every time I cost fromroses I leave inspired, informed and always wanting more! This blog isn't just one of my favourites, it's definitely in my top 5!

Nicole is the sweetest girl and so down to earth, which is why we all seem to love her! It's also down to her great mix of posts that honestly help me on so many topics ranging from school, Organization, blogging and de stressing! Her blog photography is also lovely - make sure you follow her Instagram too! 
If Lissy's cheery personality and writing style didn't make this blog enough of a joy to visit, the floral header and sleek pink design boost my mood every time I click on to it! I love how she includes flowers in the background of her photos and her makeup posts are some of my favourites! 

Georgia is amazing. Plain and simple. This post is very word heavy and when I love something, like these bloggers, I tend to ramble like crazy. So let's keep this one short. You can see from the picture that Georgia's design is nothing but flawless and her beauty and fashion posts are an absolute work of art. No exaggeration. Such a blogging role model for me!

Who doesn't love a scroll through Helens posts after a hard day? Her style is totally flawless and the way she brings this onto her blog makes in fabulous too. As well as fashion, her beauty and lifestyle posts are to die for too due to her slightly quirky style of writing - I would always recognise it was hers! - and her photos which are laid out and snapped perfectly! Teach me your wayssss..

Slightly obsessive fangirling over.  In all seriousness you need to check out these gorgeous girlies and their equally gorgeous blogs! 

Who's been your favourite blogger recently that I absolutely must check out?

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Taking your makeup from day to night in 5 steps

If I'm honest, I don't have that much cause to wear bold night time makeup all that often, but when I do have plans other than watching Netflix alone, it often ends up being the case that I have a very short time to get ready. So what do I do? Just enhance the makeup I was already wearing!

Whether you are going from office to bar or shopping to a party, I've got your face transformation covered in just 5 simple steps!

1. Touch up
Rather than taking off all of your foundation, if you're in a pinch  I find re-applying undereye and blemish concealer and a dusting of powder can take away that oily-stressed-out-shine and return any coverage that has worn off in the wear and tear of your day.

Apply a bit more bronze/contour and whack on a more glitzy highlight to add some instant glamour and look like you put in a lot more effort that you did.

3. Eyes
Say you were maybe wearing a champagne cream shadow and a medium brown e/s through the crease for the day, you can easily add a bit more interest by darkening the outer v and adding a pearly shimmer to the inner corner - maybe even add a copper pigment to the centre of the lids and give it a blend if you've got an extra 30 seconds!

4. Finish the eye area
Another coat of mascara and maybe a squeeze of the lash curlers will act like a push up bra for those 5pm droopy lashes plus a quick sharp reshape and set of the eyebrows if needed = almost good to go..

5.Pout it out
If you only do one thing: reapply that lipstick. If the one you have on is all you have, go for it, but the best and fastest way to shake up your makeup is to add a bright lip, or now that we're into Autumn maybe try to vamp it up ? Either way, you'll feel a lot more polished and ready to hit wherever you're going! 

If you only had time to retouch one thing before heading out what'd it be? Lipstick all the way for me! Mascara and concealer are pretty necessary too though.. it's hard to limit yourself as a beauty blogger!

A rather plum-y Superdrug haul

After spotting  Zoe and Tanya's new Christmas range I hopped  drove got driven ?? down to Superdrug pronto. Sadly the beautiful rose gold themed products (which would've looked amazing alongside the things featured in this haul might I add) were nowhere to be seen. Don't worry - I'm sure I'll be able to get my hands on them soon, but for now I quenched that beauty thirst with the 3 for 2 Revlon deal and some other things I'd wanted, so lets have a look at what accidentally fell in my little pink bag.

Beside the empty shelves where I'd hoped to see Tanya's palettes and Zoe's dreamy drawers was the Revlon counter. Fate or what. Their colourburst balms had been all the rave last autumn, and with the cold weather slipping round again, I'd noticed these products featuring in quite a few youtube videos and blog posts again, so I decided to pick up a darker mauevey pink named "Sultry" and a lighter pink named "Elusive" both from the matte range. I love the packagaing of these which is not only gorgeous but the crayon tip makes them easy to apply, if the creamy long lasting formula wasn't enough! Revlon have really outdone the standards of matte drugstore lippies with this one!

Noticing last minute it was 3 for 2, and running very close to being late to the opticians, I dropped the Revlon Lip Butter in Peach Parfait into my basket as I love this range and it seemed like a pretty shade to me, I haven't yet tried this but if it's anything like the other shades I own, I'll be wearing it all the time now!

Yay for lip products! Next comes the Makeup Revoloution Salvation Lip Laquer in "Velvet Rebel" - a gorgeous dark berry purple. Knowing nothing about this, it was bought entirely on a whim and my feeling are sort of undecided. I need to get in that the staying power is fantastic - through meals, an extensive amount of makeup remover and the swatch remaining on my hand after 2 days.. I'd say that's pretty amazing. Especially for £3! The bad thing is though, it has quite a powdery chalky texture on the lips. It can also tend to emphazise fine lines but if you moisturise your lips well it shouldn't cling too much. I just still haven't totally made my mind up if the stunning shade and staying power is worth enduring that shudder triggering texture.

While at the MR stand, hoping if I looked down and up again,the contour palette would magically come back into stock (it didn't unfortunately so that's another purchase for another day) I spotted their 32 eyeshadow palette that everyone has been talking about, is it called Salvation or Affirmation I think? But anyway, I swatched it and I have to say I wasn't too impressed, but the quest for a super cheap plum and bronze eyeshadow palette to feature on the blog this Autumn didn't stop there. I suddenly remembered hearing about the MUA Vintage Romance palette and since it was only £4 and basically had less shades than MR but bigger size and better quality, I obviously HAD to have it . . . I've played around with it  bit now, and the quality isn't as good as some other druugstore eyeshadows or the other MUA palette I have, but it's still very well textured and pigmented and I was able to create some really pretty looks with it which will be perfect this season.

That's all I picked up on my haul today - mainly lip products but everything with a recurring mauve/plum theme to it... Heaven.