Saturday, 18 July 2015

Exciting news..// Secret Blogger Project takes a new turn: Summer Sizzle

Some of you Secret Blogger Project girls have been asking "Where are the post topics for July? I never got the email!" and today, we are bringing you the promised explanation! 

It's been a great 7 months with the Secret Blogger Project, I've really loved reading and interacting with your posts and most of all, the both hilarious and supportive group chat, which will hopefully go on forever! (To join in the antics just search "Secret Blogger Project" on Kik)

But Emily, Charlotte and myself, who run the project, as a group decided it was starting to all get a bit "samey" and doing the posts felt more like a slightly boring chore, than the exciting fun tasks they were at the beginning. Some participants also felt that posting twice a month, although it seems a tiny amount, takes up a lot of their blog time and space for their own ideas, especially if they only post once a week! We've taken this all into consideration to make things more fun and manageable for everyone, but one thing was unanimous- you and we didn't want the project to end just yet! 

So we have decided to bit of a relaunch I guess you could say! The project was initially 2 posts a month for all of 2015, but we are carrying into 2016 a bit with our new initiative, which will be 4 posts per season, announced on our 3 blogs and by my emailing list to all you project members! 

So to break it down, there will be 4 posts in 

Summer: from right now to the start of September 2015

Autumn: Mid September, October and November 2015 

Winter: December, January & February 2016

Spring: March, April & May 2016

Then I guess we'll see what happens after that! This gives you a lot more freedom as you can post any time within that season. Though because of this, it's harder to keep on track of eveyone else's posts, which is why joining the group Kik chat is essential to share links as well as just have a fun little natter! 

So the project for summer is called Secret Blogger Project:Summer Sizzle and this is the logo!

The 4 posts for this season, to be posted in any order within the time frame above, are:

- Summer day out: This one is pretty self explanatory but we want you to share some snaps of a picnic in the park, a beach day home or abroad, a fun shopping spree or something else that you thought was a cute day out!

-Summer confidence: In the group chat, we were discussing how body confidence is a massive issue for all of us, especially with all the bikinis etc. that the summer brings! It's so important to feel happy, no matter your shape or size, so why not convey that positive message and some helpful confidence tips over to your readers! Love yourself girl!

-Summer lookbook: It would be fabulous to see a few of your favourite summer outfits and I'm sure your audience would love to see them too! Even if you don't feel confident posting a photo of you online, even just lay the clothes on your bed or something, only one thing matters: have fun and be a little bit creative with it!

-Travel/holiday tips and essentials: This one is up to you, do you want to do a "Pack with me" style post? Or a travel makeup based post? Tips and tricks? Whether you stay at home, go away for a few days locally or jet off abroad, I'm sure you could share some tips! Remember you can definitely do something like how to have a fun staycation; that'd also be so fun and helpful to read! 

So just like the Summer Sizzle section has a (hopefully!) cute name and logo, the same will be done closer to the time of the other seasons, and of course another post like this to tell you what the 4 posts will entail!

We are really hopeful that you all like this new twist in the journey of the project and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to email me at or Kik me at Rebekkarosebeauty! Same applies if you're confused reading this, and want to know more and maybe even join; we'd love to have you! 

Emily and Charlotte have also uploaded posts about Summer Sizzle which will be linked here:

I will also be emailing all these details out to all project members as always!

Many thanks, Rebekka!


  1. Ahh I'm so excited for these posts! Going to get to writing them straight away!


  2. Ahh I'm so excited for these posts! Going to get to writing them straight away!


    1. Glad you've all responded so well! x